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Window Tinting

Several options are available to match your vehicle or personal style.
We plotter cut our film for precise edges and exact fit. We will not trim the film on your windows to protect your gaskets from being cut by accident. Rear windows are installed as a single piece with no seams on 99% of vehicles.

Die Based Series

The Predator Series features a 1.5 mil dual-ply, signal friendly construction. A non-reflective, color-stable film that offers great optical clarity. Predator will last a lifetime, offers 99% UV rejection, and is available in multiple tints.

Carbon-Hybrid Series

The XPEL PRIMECS Series features a 1.5 mil dual-ply, carbon construction. PRIMECS is designed with you in mind. It offers solar heat rejection with great IR and 99% UV rejection. Lifetime warranty and multiple tints available. Available in charcoal or black shades to match existing factory tints.

Nano-Ceramic Series

The ultimate in protection, Shield Series. It achieves the highest heat rejection at any point on the Nanometer Solar Spectrum. Also includes 99% UV rejection, excellent optical quality, and of course, a lifetime warrantee!